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POT, Plant on top

por Varas Verdes 23/10/2015 10:23

Henrique Monnerat curtiu esse projeto

Varas Verdes

From the fertile imagination of Jacob, rises a furniture solution able to educate and mobilize the population to good practices towards nature. Varas Verdes created a new way to appeal to the importance and preservation of all the green species of our planet. A 100% portuguese stool with geometric reference to a pot and made by agglomerated expanded cork.

100% natural . Additive free . Non toxic . Ecological . Recycable . Biodegradable . Lower energy . Hipoallergenic . Not edible . Soft texture . Thermic isolation . All different . Zero waste . Water Resistant . Fire resistant Sensible UV radiation . No felling of trees

#interior #handmade #reuse #sustainable #stool #ecologico #ecological #sustentavel #cortica #cork #crafts #recover #portugal #oak #tree #banco #design

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